Sizing Charts

   All of MysteryAnime's Japanese and anime clothes are shipped from asia, meaning that we use an Asian Size Chart. Please learn this chart in comparison to your country size charts. We recommend looking at other customer reviews to see if any recommend buying a size up or down. Other wise please use the normal sizing, if your order arrives and the clothing is the wrong size refunds or replacements may be available depending on the circumstances of the issue. Thanks for your time! 

Worried that you wont receive the product? Please rest assured that we ship to ALL COUNTRIES for FREE! Shipping times are estimated to be 12 - 50 days however please be patient due to the recent COVID-19 shipping times could be delayed shortly. We Offer in SOME cases Free Returns/Exchanges in case of a product being broken, lost in mail, or not shown as on site. Please contact us if you have anymore questions! We have an amazing customer support team here to assist you with anything 24/7! 

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