Tracking Update 5/17/2020

Posted by Anh Khoa on

Hello! Many of our customer support team have been getting questions about orders via email, Facebook and other social platforms. Due to the recent incident we are very low on available customer support representatives, this has made it very difficult to respond and assure all customers recently. We would like to apologize for the problems, we have recently seen an issue with our tracking that a developer needs time to fix. With that, we appreciate all of your patience and want to assure you that while shipping times may be delayed shortly, your order will arrive! IF for some reason an order does not arrive we offer refunds as long as we can assure that you did not receive the product/s. If you have any more questions about this please go to our refund , shipping and other policy and term pages. 

Or feel free to contact us at our instagram @mysteryanimeofficial

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 ~MysteryAnime Team