Contribute to a Charity at Checkout! 5/1/20

Posted by Anh Khoa on

We are very happy that we have now finished implementing a method to have everyone be able to donate to a charity of their choice just by purchasing an item!

How it works

When viewing a product or proceeding to cart or checkout, a section above the add to cart button will appear giving you an option to learn more and choose which charity you would prefer. To change which charity you would like to support please click the button "Update Cause" from there you will have 5-7 options of different popular causes available now. Please NOTE that donating to these cause does not mean you will be paying any extra at checkout. You will NOT be charged for the donations, and rather a small percentage of your total order cost will be donated to that charity.

Charitys Available Now

  1. COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund
  2. Wildlide Conservation
  3. Australian Bushfire Relief
  4. COVID-19 Response Fund
  5. Fighting Hunger
  6. Environmental Sustainability 

If you have any questions about how it works or want more infromation then please feel free to message us on Whats App with the button on the bottom left of the screen. Or you can contact us on instagram @mysteryanimeofficial or our email @[email protected]

~Thanks for your time! Best Regards 

MysteryAnime Team