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We ship or products oversees internationally, and give free shipping on all orders, because of these things and the recent COVID virus our orders shipping times can vary depending on the customers order time and shipping location. Our shipping times range from 12 - 50 days and on average arrive within 3 weeks to a month, however due to the reasons listed above we have recently seen some customers receiving products after these times. We apologize for any long delays on orders, we are doing everything we can to minimize these times, and appreciate the wait!

Yes! We ship to ALL Countries around the world. We include free shipping options for everyone however, with that said we recently have had some issues with shipping costs. Our store covers the costs of shipping and in some instances with countries for example Argentina or India, shipping costs are too expensive for us to cover. We are working on a method to make all customers have an easy checkout process, but until we fix this those orders will be refunded as soon as they are looked into. While there are not many of these, if you have concerns regarding to your country please feel free to get in touch with us!

Currently we fulfill all orders manually, because of this, please expect that it can and may take a few hours to a couple days  for your confirmation email/text or other updates to be sent. After some time of the order placed, you will receive either an email/text or both under the name mysteryanimeofficial. To track your order please refer to these emails/texts. Along with the previous options customers can also check tracking updates on our website. (Recently we have had some customers who are having issues finding their tracking numbers/page, in these cases our orders are still being shipped but there is issues with the tracking link, if you have questions about this please feel free to contact us on any of our social medias or email.

After inputting your contact information, and shipping address you will be directed to a payment page. At the payment page you will see a couple of options, currently we can take payments from 

  • Credit/Debit
  • Paypal
  • Bitcoin/Crypto
  • Apple Pay
  • Amazon Pay
  • Venmo
*We accept ALL currencies  

Recently we have been very short staffed due to the COVID-19 epidemic, because of this we have been trying our very best to get back to all messages however please keep this in mind when contacting, we greatly appreciate the patience recently with orders. Please feel free to contact us at any of the options below.

  • Email- [email protected]
  • Text/Whatsapp/Phone- 8174056540
  • Instagram- mysteryanimeofficial
  • Facebook- Mysteryanime
Thanks for your time! ~MysteryAnime Team

We have had many customers needing help with changing the color options for clothing, in some cases the names may not align with the product, however you may simply click the picture of the specific product/color you are wanting, this should automatically switch to that variant. If you need more help relating to this please feel free to contact us!